Master Teacher Laurie Schnebly’s First Quarter Class Schedule

I’ve taken many of Laurie’s classes and am always impressed with her dedication and responses to your lessons. If you particpate you come away a better and stronger writer.

(February 5-16)
       No matter what kind of story you’re writing, you can increase the reader’s enjoyment with foreshadowing. When and where are the best times and places to use it? How much is too much, how little is “not worth doing,” and how can you tell the right amount for your particular book? What should you avoid foreshadowing, and what’s fair game? Find the right balance for your genre and for your individual style in this debut class.

(February 10, 11:15am Eastern) CharterOakRomanceWriters
       Good & bad sides of anyone’s trait/s, plus a weekend of other workshops.

(February 10, 4pm Eastern) ContemporaryRomanceWriters
       The first one? The 28th? Learn how to make any rejection WORK for you.

(March 4-29)
       Here’s what writers have said about the course in previous years: “I never thought I could plot my entire book from start to finish, but here it is. This is AWESOME.” / “This month has truly changed the way I think about writing. I wish I’d taken Plotting Via Motivation before giving up on my earlier novels.” / “Now that I look back in the notebook where I wrote all my homework, I realize I’ve got my book right here.”

(April 8-19)
       For anyone who’s taken Plotting Via Motivation online or in person at some point, this group gets you plotting a brand new or already-begun book (using your completed 14-point worksheet) from start to finish. No need to prepare a new story idea, character bios, goal charts or anything else…because you’ll see how to plot an entire book, and actually have it ready to type, by the end of this hands-on workshop.

live in San Antonio: SPRING RETREAT
(April 25-28)
       There might be space on the waitlist, so let me know if you’re interested!

Laurie Schnebly loves giving workshops that draw on her background as a counseling therapist and a novelist who beat out Nora Roberts for “Best Special Edition of the Year.” She also enjoys writing copy for a Phoenix ad agency, playing with her toddler grandson, recording for the blind, vacationing in Sedona (the red-rock town named for her grandpa’s mom), and teaching a new email class every month…which is why she now has on her bookshelf 50+ first-sale books from writers who’ve taken her classes.

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