L.A. Sartor sitting on the floor with her laptop, a cup of coffee and her iPad,.

Who is L.A. Sartor?

Long Ago

I started writing as a child, really. I’d dictate stories to mom who’d write them down and I’d illustrate them. I still have them albeit a bit faded. Maybe I’ll post them some day.

A Little Bit Later

A teacher told me I’d never be a writer because I didn’t want to slog through grammar and all those diagrams. I just wanted to write. What I wrote then is now called fan fiction. My bestie at the time and I would take a couple of hunks from a TV show and write stories about them. I’m not telling you which show, it’d date me.

A Lot Later

I didn’t recall that fateful parent/teacher meeting until I’d called mom after I’d just thrown a book at the wall in disgust, dinging the wall and doing harm to the book as well. Mom told me that she’d hoped I’d get back to my passion (I’d stopped writing) and told me the story about the teacher, which I’d obviously blanked out.


I’m writing books in various genres. And screenplays, even a YouTube channel for writers. I’m pretty darn lucky. Imagine that, Ms. Teacher, I’m even a bestselling author. Hmmm success is the best revenge, right?

And yes, I wear nail polish, drink lots of coffee and write wherever I am, a floor, a chair, a mountain ledge. I even dictate my stories now as I travel, which is very cool.