The Complete Star Light~Star Bright Collection

A star burns bright on a snowy Colorado mountain each Christmas. Can its light and the hope it symbolizes lead four couples to the miracle of love?  

Be Mine This Christmas Night 
~ A widower with two young sons right next door; a children’s author who longs for a family. This Christmas would be the perfect season for Annie Hamilton to fall in love and find a family … except she’s hiding a secret that has undermined all her past relationships.

Forever Yours This New Year’s Night ~ The last thing Brice Young needs is to spend time with Madame Ice Queen, the cyber expert who’s proven herself to be adversarial in the past, but he has no choice. Working together at the government’s behest, they have one week to test his new top-secret cyber system. Can he use this time to turn two dreams into reality, one made of bits and bytes, the other made of flesh and ice?

Believe In Me This Christmas Morn ~ It’s the week before Christmas and Santa has come early, gifting Belle Grantham’s struggling literacy non-profit with a brand-new website. Nary a lump of coal in sight, until she and the website designer genius who believes in her cause find the real reason behind the board’s demands that she quit. Can she deal with the truth? And can she breach the barrier to the lump of coal her genius calls a heart?

Dream Of Me This Christmas Eve ~ After creating the perfect wedding for her brother, designer and engineer Caroline Young needs to be back in California for her business but has promised her family to stay in Boulder until the new year. Which is difficult as she’s not used to being idle. When her brother convinces her to help his lawyer friend work through his new office design crisis during her stay, Caro finds opposites do indeed attract. She can’t move to Colorado and his law practice can’t move to California. Is their love doomed from the start?

If you love Christmas Romances filled with warmth and heart, loaded with characters who wonder if they’ll ever find that right person, and make appearances in subsequent books, then the four-book full collection of Star Light ~ Star Bright is for you. Buy it today and get lost in the miracle of the love.

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