Couple entering tomb in the Yucatan

Stone Of Heaven

A treasure hunter goes missing in the Yucatan jungle. Her inexperienced city-girl twin rushes to the rescue.
What could go wrong? 

Content with her simple life creating jewelry and living on a train, Tori Carswell is nevertheless edgy. Her adrenaline-junkie sister’s promised check-in call is overdue.

Treasure hunting is in Reid Hunter’s blood and if he finds this fabled prize, he’ll be a rock star, able to pay his bills and salvage his reputation. But plans go horribly wrong, as the blue jade is more powerful than imagined.

Rescuing her sister involves conquering fears Tori can’t face, let alone act on. She must rely on her twin’s Southern gentleman without-a-conscience, ex-partner Reid for help.  

Will he put riches before life…and love?

If you liked Romancing The Stone and The Adventures of Indiana Jones, then you’ll love Stone Of Heaven – Book One in the Carswell Adventure Series. Buy Stone Of Heaven for heart pounding danger and swoon worthy romance set in the exotic ruins of the Yucatan.