Couple in Hawaii holding a picture of a missing little girl

Dare To Believe

He has every reason not to help her find the child that should have been his.  She has no one else to turn to. 

Cate Hemstead Malloy’s life just hit a new low. Not only is she moving from her stately digs to a one-bedroom apartment, but her award-winning journalism career is now reduced to covering society events. It’s boring work, but at least it’ll keep a roof over her young daughter’s head.  

Jason St. Pierre is counting the seconds until his ex-love moves away, ending the torture of living across the road from her, her husband, and their daughter. But when he sees the newly widowed Cate chasing down her moving truck, screaming that her daughter is missing, he can’t ignore the fact that a child could be in danger and his protective instincts kick in.

As Jason and Cate follow the kidnappers’ trail through the majestic mountains of Colorado to the idyllic sands of Hawaii, they uncover deep layers of treachery and ultimate betrayal.

Dare they believe in a second chance at love, or will their rocky past get in the way of the help Cate so desperately needs?

Dare To Believe is the stunning introduction of the Kahuna Group Series blending spine-tingling suspense and breathtaking romance. Be prepared for adventure as you meet the first members of a team of elite private investigators who fight for truth, love, and above all, family. Get your copy today.