For the Romantic and Adventurer in all of us.
Travel to the Yucatan and be a part of the adventure Tori and Reid are about to undertake.
I hope you enjoy it.

Book One in the Carswell Adventure Series

Hurricane Michaela lashes the Yucatan Coast and uncovers what had best been left buried, the fabled Stone of Heaven.

Two twins couldn’t be more different…

Tori Carswell is happy with her simple if reclusive life. But she worries about her younger twin, Abby, an adventure junkie seeking increasingly dangerous quests.

When Abby vanishes in the Yucatan rainforest, feared captive of an ancient Mayan cult, Tori leaves her safe life behind and sets off to save her, believing she is her sister’s only hope.

Then, deep in the heart of the Yucatan jungle, Tori unexpectedly runs into her sister’s ex-partner, Reid Hunter. A ridiculously handsome Southern gentleman without a conscience, interested in only one thing.


He’ll help Tori rescue her sister in return for all the treasure—the fabled blue jade called the Stone of Heaven.

The two rescuers couldn’t be more different…

Tori can’t trust him, even as she’s drawn to the excitement and the raw masculinity that Reid wears like a second skin.

Will he help save her sister or will he put riches before life…and love?


Stone of Heaven pairs a timid recluse with a seasoned treasure hunter and takes them on a great adventure through the lush jungle of the Yucatan. Due to a hurricane of epic proportions having ravaged the sacred grounds, Mayan priests and their minions scramble to find the ancient gem that will bring their god to life. Tori and Reid must employ every bit of their cunning and wisdom to outwit the evil that has resurfaced and rescue Tori’s sister before the unthinkable happens.

I loved the rich descriptions that made me think back to my own vacations among the Mayan on the Yucatan peninsula. LA Sartor created an adventure that kept me turning the pages until the very satisfying end. Wonderful book. I can’t wait to read the next one in this series.
~Audra Harders, author of Rocky Mountain Hero

L.A. Sartor’s books just get better and better! This one is an action adventure that doesn’t stop even when you have to…makes you want to stop everything else to finish the book!
~Rebecca Dru

Happy Monday morning!  Today we have Stone of Heaven by L.A Sartor.  It’s a wonderful book to start off your week.  It’s an adventure book that would keep you from dreading your job as much.  This is a great romantic adventure book that keeps you just a bit paranoid to keep you emotionally tied to the book.  Be sure to check out my review after the book blurb.
~The Book Maven

I had not read any of LA’s books, but was quickly captivated by this one! It is full of adventure, fun and a great read! I am happy to know there will be more books in this series, and I can’t wait for the next one!
Highly recommended.

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