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As you might know, Amazon recently did an overhaul of their category system.

Today, we can go into our KDP and select 3 categories from there…No more BISACs, or requesting more categories through forms. Just 3 and done.

Sounds pretty simple right?

Well, on the surface it seems that way. But there are some serious problems that you need to know about. Like for instance did you know that over a quarter of the categories on Amazon are now hidden?


With Amazon’s recent category change, 27% of selectable categories are not discoverable in the Amazon store. Not only that, but books can’t rank or become bestsellers in those categories. Confusing? YES.

Bottom line, this means many of us authors are seeing far less traffic to our books than expected because of the categories we’ve chosen – and I want you to know how to learn about avoiding those ghost categories, thus protect your book sales.

The peeps/gurus/magicians at Publisher Rocket, are working to stay ahead of the curve so you can get all this information right at your fingertips.

They just added the Category Tagging feature so you can see the data for yourself.

Rocket Book has been my go-to source for keyword finding, ranking and more, but now it’s even more important.

This video will help you see just how you can avoid this new pitfall.

Check it out here (yes, I’m an affiliate, full disclosure as always.. But I use it and love it or wouldn’t bother you with it): Rocket Book Link

We’ll get through this new upheaval using good information, some help and support. After all, we’re authors and nothing scares, us. Right?