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Log Line: 
In the drama Peace to the Pied Piper, a sheltered girl falls in love with a counterculture rock musician, believing he is embodiment of the inspiring lyrics he sings.

Mini Synopsis:
It’s 1968 in California, and everyone is getting their groove on, except Holly Harte.  The youngest of two girls in a strict Catholic family, Holly doesn’t even know what groovy means.

Her sister is not the chaste, tractable daughter her mother believes, and exposes Holly to rock music and the hippie counterculture where she learns it’s not all flowers in your hair, peace and love, baby.   It’s drugs and sleeping on the street and begging for food.   Her sister has an illegal abortion, and is maimed for life by the “doctor.”  The Harte family now wants to cloister Holly so she doesn’t suffer the same fate as her sister.

Holly flees back to the freedom of San Francisco, while secretly nurturing the hope that she’ll run into Toke, front man for the group Alien’ation–a group well known by her sister prior to her “accident.”

Toke is a babe magnet, and Holly’s no exception…except that this time Toke is taken by her innocence and earnestness.  They end up together.  Holly is no longer the chaste daughter her mother prayed for.

The group is on the verge of breaking out.  Toke lets it go to his head, at the same time discovering acid.  The women he messes with make him feel invincible, while at the same time he believes he’s creating the musical legacy he so craves.

Holly is betrayed one final time and flees…but she’s pregnant.

Peace to the Pied Piper begins in current time, morphs to 1968 and follows Holly’s revolution along with the country’s transformation at the end of this tumultuous year.  The movie full circles to current time, when secrets kept for decades are revealed, legacies built and we’ve glimpsed what the era of peace, love and tolerance created for future generations.

Peace to the Pied Piper is filled with imagery music, passion and heartbreaking drama.

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Log Line:
A home-decorating maven learns from three Christmas spirits that her devotion to her business comes at too high a cost.

Mini Synopsis:
How do you convince a home-dec hotshot that even as her life’s focus, The Legacy Group, is headed for phenomal sucess, her myopic vision places her family and colleagues in peril?

By three spirits taking her on the journey of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

In this modern day Christmas drama, told in the tradition of A Christmas Carol, Ella O’Brien’s life and crises are right out of today’s headlines, yet the three spirits are old English, reminiscent of the story read to her as child. Ella’s stubborn rejection of the ghosts prognostications nearly results in the death of her young neice who follows the path the ghosts foretold.

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Log Line:
When siblings encounter an alien who is the answer to Earth’s energy crisis, they risk all to save the alien race from an unscrupulous Earth scientist.

Mini Synopsis:
When not watching movies in her high tech tree-house, nine-year-old, Maddy Baker, is either at Biology Club or bugging her sixteen-year-old brother, Josh Baker, about being a superstar quarterback. Unlike Maddy, Josh masks his intelligence wanting only to be a normal High School jock.

Both must pool their uber-talents to protect Leto, a shimmering alien who was mistakenly brought to Earth by their father’s Laser Assisted Interplanetary Travel (L.A.I.T.) experiment.

Their father’s nemisis, Dr. Williams, is stymied by the sudden surge in his fusion energy experiments, only to discover the energy comes from Leto’s plasma–the shimmery substance which sustains her.  When he learns that this alien’s entire race contains the same energy plasma, Dr. William’s dream of becoming a Noble Scientist is eclipsed by greed. He travels to the planet intending to harvest the alien plasma.

Leto will not let her people die and Maddy won’t let Leto face Dr. Williams alone, and Josh won’t let his baby sister go without him.

Reaching Iokaste, they discover the planet will become critically unstable if any of the plasma is removed. The Iokastians have a symbiotic relationship with the planet. Additionally Josh and Maddy discover the true treasure of the alien race is the history of the galaxy’s species they’ve been tasked with recording for hundreds of millennia.

Maddy and Josh battle the Keeper–the leader of the Iokastians, as well as the alien’s who’ve already been turned by Dr. Williams, and even the incredibly hostile environment of the planet itself to save Leto, her people and the priceless histories the Iokastians have recorded.

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Log Line: 
In this modern day action adventure, a reclusive woman braves the exotic and dangerous Yucatan to rescue her treasure-hunting twin sister from ancient immortals focused on resurrecting their god to conquer the world.

Mini Synopsis:
Stone of Heaven opens as Hurricane Mitch lashes the Yucatan Peninsula, uncovering what had best remained buried.

Days later, Abby Carswell, an adventure junkie, discovers the lost tomb of an ancient Maya God Itzamna Ahu, forgotten by most of humanity–except his loyal and immortal priests.

At the tomb, Abby finds the legendary blue jade–The Stone of Heaven and is telecasting her prize to her twin sister when Abby is seized by the priests who can see she’s a twin and can aid in resurrecting their god.

Tori Carswell, Abby’s “older” twin, is happy living her life on her train, wanting only to design jewelry and be left alone. But after seeing what she did on the video link, she can’t leave her Abby to her fate and heads out to the Yucatan woefully under-prepared.

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Log Line:
A complex murder mystery pits a chronically driven detective, gifted with spiritual powers from his Native American elders, against an intensely clever woman motivated by life long revenge.

Mini Synopsis:
In a story that reveals the personas hidden beneath thick veneers of civility and duty, Detective Mark Harris unravels the complex ties that connect murder victim Claire Sanders to Jennifer and Paul Delaney.

While working the case rife with political and social influences, Mark just also fight the relentless interference of his Native American Grandmother, Makah, the tribe’s Spirit Woman who pressures him to cast aside his chosen career and return to the reservation to honor his heritage and the Spirit’s gift of “shadow seeking.”

As Mark digs deep into the case, he reveals the painful past of Claire and the child she gave up, the corporate machinations and romantic liaisons of Paul and the tormented desires of Jennifer.  And when Mark probes into sensitive areas of the couple’s past, the Delaney’s employ powerful political connections to hamper the investigation.

Before it’s finished, Mark will risk his professional reputation, his chosen career and his heritage to get to the truth of who killed Claire and why.

Shadow Seeker is rich in the psychological twists of “a why-dunnit” and offers strong dynamic roles to attract acting talent at the highest level.

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Adapted from the nonfiction book Mother of the Pound, by Dr. David Kazzaz.

Log Line:
An epic romance set amidst the turbulence of World War II pits an idealistic medical student and a courage young woman against a childhood friend-turned-enemy in a deadly age-old vendetta.

Mini Synopsis:
In a story rich in the romantic traditions of Romeo and Juliet, David–an Iraqi Jew, tragically learns that life in Baghdad is no longer safe for his family and the woman he loves, Lousie.

David resolves to become the “window to freedom,” his family’s only hope of escape. However, war tensions spread throughout the Middle East and David is exiled unable to complete his plan.

As the struggle escalates in Baghdad, Louise rises, becoming a beacon of courage and leading a modern day Exodus of her people from Iraq. Her bravery puts her squarely in the crosshairs of Majeed, David’s former childhood friend.

Before it’s finished, Louise will become a pawn in Majeed’s deadly game to trap David. Unlike Romeo and Juliet, courage born of love and moral convictions will triumph over betrayal by those most trusted.

Cry of the Dove, based on a true story, is rich in the exotic ambience, culture and traditions of the Middle East as is as current as today’s headlines. This epic film offers powerful lead and supporting roles.

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