Links to some of my favorite sites

Audra Harders
Friend extraordinare! Audra is a published Inspirational Romance Author for Harlequin Ent. crafting an incredible “On the Ranch” series. And she’s an amazing historical writer as well. She’s been my critiquing partner for as long as I’ve been writing (as an adult, please:)) Her site gives tantalizing bites into her life and her stories. Please visit her.

Robert Gosnell
You want to know how to write a screenplay from someone who learned in the trenches? This is the guy. Robert offers insider tips you won’t go to jail for! He’s a multiproduced writer with marvelous insight and a keen eye for structure. Please visit his site for more details on his classes, his work and upcoming film releases.

And he has a screenwriting book available that is garnering all sorts of attention in Hollywood. The Blue Collar Screenwriter and Elements of Screenplay

Theresa Rizzo
Theresa writes compelling books that delve deeply into human nature and destiny.  She isn’t afraid to take on the toughest subjects.

Timothy Ryerson
Tim’s site shows his versatility in the entertainment field, from director, writer and producer in film and theater to entertainment media consultant.  Please take a moment to visit his eclectic site.

Romance Writers of America (RWA)
Romance Writers of America’s site.  If you’re interested in learning to write romance,enjoy being around like minded people or linking to some of your favorite authors, this is the place to go.

If you want LEADS for your screenplay, this is the spot. Ink Tip is one of the industry’s finest and most honorable sites that can help you sell your script. Check them out.

Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Contest
If you want to enter a well run professional contest, this is it.

Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship
Wow, is all I can say. Check it out if you’re serious about screenwriting.