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Book One 

Christmas is the perfect season to fall in love and find a family. Unless you’re hiding a secret.

Annie Hamilton, author of a beloved children’s series, is about the flip the switch on her home’s annual Christmas light show when the sight of a lone boy among the crowd reminds her of what she wants most. A family of her own. But after Annie’s secret has already caused a groom to flee, she knows that wish is only a dream.

Cole Evans may be a brilliant scientist, but raising two sons as a widower is beyond his expertise. When Cole moves next door to his youngest son’s all-time-favorite author, she becomes another complication, albeit a pretty one. But the boys’ beloved uncle doesn’t like Annie and makes no attempt to hide his distaste from anyone, including them, and creating an impossible choice for Cole, as choosing Annie means cutting ties to his late wife’s brother and hurting the boys.

Can a Christmas star bring Annie and Cole a beacon of hope during this magical season?

Be Mine This Christmas Night is the first book in the Star Light ~ Star Bright series set in the charming town of Boulder, Colorado. If you like holiday romances filled with characters facing what they believe to be impossible hurdles, in a series where characters make repeat appearances, then this book is the place to start.

Buy Be Mine This Christmas Night for a cozy read filled with warmth, joy and discovering what love is truly all about.

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Book Two 

A cyber expert with a frozen heart faces a challenge she can’t resist, even if it means working closely with an old adversary.

Being tops in the cyber forensic world has earned Jennifer Malone a detested nick name—Madame Ice Queen. Being a pawn in her parents’ broken marriage started the freeze, and having her heart repeatedly bruised for being too smart, froze her solid.

After his 20 in the Air Force, Major Brice Young is now a civvie and on the brink of success with his top-secret tool. All it needs now is vetting by the best, except the best still holds last year’s debacle against him.

They have between Christmas and New Year’s Eve to test the system at Jen’s snowy Boulder, Colorado lab. Can Brice use this one week to turn two dreams into reality—one made of bits and bytes, the other made of flesh and ice—or will Jen be unable to let go of a lifetime filled with distrust and hurt?

If you like Christmas Romances complete with snow, a Christmas star, and characters that aren’t perfect but trying to capture love, then The Star Light ~ Star Bright Series is for you.

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Book Three

A Grantham never quits. Especially at Christmas!

It’s the week before Christmas and Santa arrives early, gifting Belle Grantham with a new website for her struggling literacy non-profit. Nary a lump of coal in sight.

Mitchell Thomas is a web wizard. His website makeover contest is won by Belle purely on her abysmal website but worthy goal. As he works alongside her, he discovers she’s a Texas bred princess, born with a silver spoon…or two. Unlike himself who barely owned a spoon until college.

The lump of coal finally appears in the form of her board of directors, comprised of her rancher father, younger brother and global entrepreneur best friend, who demand that she either hand over Goal 100% to a qualified staff or they’ll close her down.

Belle knows that Mitchell believes in her dream and is drawn to her, yet there’s a barrier to his heart she can’t breach. Will she find out why her board is so adamant about their demands? Will Mitchell abandon her when his work is done?

Believe In Me This Christmas Morn, Book Three in the Star Light ~ Star Bright series, introduces Belle and heralds the return of Mitchell Thomas. If you love reading stories about falling in love with the last person you’d expect, and learning if indeed a Grantham never quits, then Believe In Me This Christmas Morn is written for you.

Buy Believe In Me This Christmas Morn and fall into the wonder of a bestselling Christmas romance today.

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Book Four

 They both have plans and dreams, and long distance romance plays no part in them. Or does it?

After creating the perfect wedding for her brother, Caroline Young wonders if her promise to stay in Boulder, Colorado, through Christmas was a mistake. After all, her award-winning float-design business is in California, and being idle isn’t in her vocabulary. Then her brother convinces her to help his friend during her stay.

Maximillian Henderson III is in a bind. His law office is opening in its new location in two weeks and his designer has come down with the flu. In desperation he enlists Caro’s help, and then is more than a little leery when she totally revamps the design plans.

As they work together to beat the deadline, Max not only admires her innovative design, he can’t ignore the vibrancy Caro brings into his black and white world of law. If only she didn’t have one foot out the door.

Dream Of Me This Christmas Eve is the fourth book in the Star Light ~ Star Bright series set in the charming town of Boulder, Colorado. If you enjoy holiday romances with characters who face seemingly impossible obstacles, in a series where characters you’ve grown to love make reappearances, then this book will you believing in the magic of a Christmas star and smiling at the evidence that dreams do come true.

Buy Dream Of Me This Christmas Eve for a cozy read, filled with the joy of the holiday and the magic of first love.

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