digital coverIt’s the week before Christmas…and Belle Grantham has won the best gift ever. A website makeover she’s certain will save her struggling literacy nonprofit.

Mitchell Thomas is giving Belle what she needs, a new website to maximize potential donations. In return, he’s getting the Christmas present he so badly wants, an escape from snowy Boulder, Colorado, and haunting memories.

Their wishes are threatened after Belle meets with a donor and discovers his financial rescue comes with unwanted strings…and a ticking clock.

As Mitch and Belle work side by side against time, Mitch is sure that Texas-bred Belle, born with a silver spoon in her mouth, will have little in common with him, who barely owned a spoon until college.

Will Belle believe in him after being dealt a soul-shattering complication?


“No more waiting for the 3rd book in the Star Light, Star Bright series! Mitch’s story is here. I’ve been a fan of this series since reading the first book. I love how all three of the books carry the Christmas theme with familiar characters set in enchanting Boulder, Colorado, yet each story is singular in that it will stand on its own. I love it.

I give many kudos to Ms Sartor. After meeting Mitch in the first book, I hadn’t a clue how she was going to make him likable enough to be a hero in a book of his own. But she did it. Beautifully. In Believe In Me This Christmas Morn, we see our familiar, gruff Mitch, but immediately sense a reluctant compassion simmering below a brittle veneer. As the story unfolds, we understand fully the knocks in life that had battered his persona and shaped his views. When Mitch meets his contest-winning client, his well-honed instincts rise to his predisposed assumptions. He’s prepared for the status-quo. In his experience, money is as money does. He is obviously so unprepared for Belle Grantham. Within minutes, a poised, yet rattled Belle pulls the rug out from under his attitude and Mitch’s long buried softer side gives way to chivalry.

Mitchell Thomas wears chivalry well if I do say so myself.

Believe In Me This Christmas Morn offers a warm, yet complicated Christmas story suitable for Hallmark. Very well done!” ~ A. Harders